Vermilion Adventures

providing tours into the Vermilion Cliffs

Buckskin Gulch: 7hrs max

per adult: $200.00

(inclusive with tour fare: $168.84 + $6.00 land user fee and taxes)

children: 12 and under $100.00

(inclusive with tour fare: $81.81 + $6.00 land user fee and taxes)


Small Children and Babies, it may be difficult to handle the terrain, and during the summer months the temperatures may be too much for small children. Always pack enough water during the summer months.


There are two ways to enter the Buckskin, we do not use the well known wirepass - the path is usually filled with water that is for some people but we prefer the path with less pools of water. We enter the Buckskin at the mid-point - there is a lot of hiking involved so please bring your good shoes and plenty of drinking water.


We will supply a cooler with ice in our vehicle but when we're hiking we will be miles away from the SUV so please pack snacks and drinks in your bag. We will carry some extra just in case.


THe hike does involve moderate terrain, and we could be hiking up to 7 miles roundtrip. If upon arrival the tour guide feels you're not ready for the hike, for safety reasons we may not be able to take you.


Please have cash on hand for the land-user fee, we pay this on site.

We do have a minimum passenger count of 2. Discounts could be available if there are groups of 6 or more.



Vermilion Adventure

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